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21 January 2018
Rodrigo Morel - let music rest

Music composition insights – Part 2: Let music rest (Rodrigo Morel)

Let music rest

An insight into Rodrigo Morel’s creative process (Music producer)

Rodrigo Morel is a Music producer that specialises in Indie bands and who is very versatile. I worked with him recording two albums. Before becoming a producer myself, I watched him record and mix my music, with a high level of craftsmanship.

As I watched him work, I noticed he would take regular breaks and had a non-musical hobby that consisted in painting miniature models. When I asked him why he had this hobby he said: It’s a way of distracting from my production work with no sound.

Rodrigo would get saturated after some time working and would lose objectivity. He said:

– “After a couple of hours mixing, I can find in my head every tiny little sound and detail. This affects my capacity of objectively finding the sweet spot for any sound in the mix”-.

I learned from this producer that whenever you’ve been obsessively working on a piece of music you lose perspective. That’s very common and happens to almost every musician, certainly to me. Losing objectivity can lead you to make bad decisions, as you can insulate all the elements in your head. As a consequence, all of the elements start becoming equivalent in their musical weight. In other words, your capability to make a distinction between what is relevant and what isn’t will be compromised. A common symptom of the loss of objectivity is when you can hear relationships and clear order in sections that don’t make sense to other people when they listen to them.

How to regain objectivity?

For this reason, if you are stuck and have lost objectivity, leave your composition to rest. Unless you have a deadline, take as much time as you can, days if possible. It’s even better if you can ask for feedback from someone else. After some time, come back and give your composition a fresh listen/look: The first impression is the answer you were looking for.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this insight and that it’s useful for your music composition journey. Soon I’ll publish a new post with more insights. Please subscribe to my newsletter.

Francisco Rafart

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