Music and audio education

I provide the following lessons via Skype / Google Hangout or in my studio in Quincy, MA:

  • Music creation coaching sessions (or guided composition)
  • Music production lessons (Ableton Live)
  • Chapman stick workshops and private lessons

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Music Creation Coaching Sessions

Have you learnt to play an instrument, record and produce but can’t find how to create compelling music? Do you feel creatively blocked?

It’s probably time for a coach!

As a music coach I’ll accompany you through your creative process, by giving you feedback and tips on how to make your music exceptional. We will discuss your music, what you want to achieve and how to do it. My aim is to bring a personalized approach to your music making, based on my external point of view and experience, so you can make your own informed decisions about what to do.

These sessions aren’t about learning scales, harmony or production techniques, though we will discuss those if necessary. This is about you discovering what are the things that complicate your creation and how to deal with them, in order to combine the knowledge and talent you already have inside and translate it into the profound and engaging music you want to make.

The sessions can be via Skype or I can send you either a video or a written review of your music.

Contact me to schedule your session!

Chapman Stick lessons & workshops

Want to learn a new instrument? Try the Chapman Stick!

The Chapman Stick is an amazing musical instrument that combines guitar, bass and piano features in a single two handed tapping instrument, and it’s an all-round expressive performance and creative tool.

I’ve played this monster for over a decade, and have taught it individually and in workshop formats. Whether you’re already a player that wants to improve or someone that is curious to try the instrument, I can guide you on your Chapman Stick journey.

Remote lessons via Skype / Hangouts or in person in my studio in Quincy, MA.

Audio production classes

If you’re interested in stepping up your production game, I can help you with recording, mixing, and production lessons. I can adapt the content to your particular needs as a musician.

You will learn to EQ and group your instruments, apply compression, use effects, and properly gain stage your signal in order to produce high quality mixes.

Audio Production Videos

Some tips and explanations on music and audio production

10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  1. 10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  2. 05 – Chironex Fleckeri // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  3. 01 – Axis Mundi // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
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