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Magic Concepts featured by Australian Youtubers


Beautiful underwater scene

I was happy to learn in late October that my single Magic Concepts, released in 2016, was featured in a video by the popular youtube channel "Sailing La Vagabonde". The song was paired to a fantastic underwater diving scene. Check out the link below to watch the sequence on minute 10:37.

Sailing activists and Greta Thunberg

La Vagabonde is the boat in which this family of Australian environmental activists sails the oceans as a way of life. Thanks to youtube, they've managed to make a living out of sailing, and, in the process, they have reached a substantial number of followers (+6 million subscribers).

In the last few weeks, they've been on world news. At the moment I'm writing this, they're taking the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic from the U.S. to the UN climate summit in Spain.

I'm happy that my music has been put to such good visual use. Also, it's gratifing that it is being used for a good cause, even if it's helping indirectly.

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