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Dasein EP is out!


Dasein EP is out now!

Dasein is my fourth release. This EP is a mix of electronic music and prog-rock, a style I refer to as Electronic Prog-Rock. It combines the Chapman Stick in a band format with electronic production techniques.

The title refers to Heidegger's concept of being-in-the-world. Dasein is the only entity that cares (is concerned) with being. As such, it is capable of constructing its authenticity in spite of historical and social conditioning. This album is an expression of my ongoing process of searching for musical authenticity. It's the first one where I do songs, and not only instrumentals, a so far missing part of my artistic work.


Felipe Saalfeld: Guitars (Machine Elves & Always Alone). Pato Nuño: Guitars (Always with you). Patrick Dalton: Drums (All tracks). Francisco Rafart: Stick, vocals (All tracks), and guitars (Jarmasti)

Recorded by Keith Asack at Keep the Edge Studios, Quincy MA. Guitars recorded at Estudio Machete, Santiago de Chile. Mixed and Mastered by Francisco Rafart, Quincy, MA. Cover art: Benjamin Ramos