I am Francisco Rafart, Audio Producer and Developer based in Boston, MA. I can make your audio or music project reach the professional sound and quality it deserves, as well as develop that music mobile app, MaxMSP patch or virtual reality experience that you have in mind for your project.


Audio Production

Need help with:

  • Podcast production
  • Music recording and mixing
  • Music for video

Go to the audio services section here for more information.

Audio Software

Need help to create:

  • Audio based iOS apps
  • MaxMSP patches for art installations, sound art and electroacoustic music
  • Virtual reality experiences

Check the software section here for more information

Music and audio education

Are you looking for:

  • Music creation coaching
  • Audio production lessons
  • Chapman Stick lessons

Go to the education section by clicking here

DIY Projects

Rafart Music

I have been a Chapman Stick performer and composer for over a decade, releasing three albums to this date. I perform both as a soloist and in a band. Check out my music!


10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  1. 10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  2. 05 – Chironex Fleckeri // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  3. 01 – Axis Mundi // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
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