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Audio and Music Production in Boston

I am an Audio Producer and Chapman Stick player based in Boston, MA. Whether you want to record music, produce a podcast or add original music to your video, I can make your audio or music project reach the professional sound quality it deserves. Contact me here for more information.

Audio Production

Need help with:

  • Podcast production
  • Music recording and mixing
  • Music for video

Go to the audio services section here for more information.

Music and audio education

Are you looking for:

  • Music creation coaching
  • Audio production lessons
  • Chapman Stick lessons

Go to the education section by clicking here

Rafart Music

I have been a Chapman Stick performer and composer for over a decade, releasing three albums to this date. I perform both as a soloist and in a band. Check out my music!


10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  1. 10 – Sake & Mote // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  2. 05 – Chironex Fleckeri // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
  3. 01 – Axis Mundi // The Handbook of the Acid Rider
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