Dasein - 2019 EP

Dasein is my 4th release with the Rafart project. This album is a mix of electronic music and prog-rock, a style I refer to as Electronic Prog-Rock. It combines the Chapman Stick in a band format with electronic production techniques.

Dasein refers to Heidegger's concept of human beings as agents of care that are capable of constructing their authenticity. This album is an expression of my ongoing process of authenticity. It's the first one where I do songs, and not only instrumentals, a so far missing part of my musical work.


Machine Elves - Upbeat prog metal song with Dubstep sections. The lyrics refer to Terence Mckenna's encounter with machine elves in his experience with DMT.


Instrumental that focuses on intricate Stick lines flourished by synths and different timbres.

Always Alone

Power ballad that explores the notion that throughout our lives, even though we're in the company of friends and family, we're fundamentally experiencing the world on our own.

Always with you

Jazzy instrumental. A way of saying that, even though fundamentally alone, other people surround us in our life's journey.

Solea - A traditional flamenco form on a solo Stick format. A bonus track not included on the CD version.

The Dark Night of the Soul - 2015 EP

The Dark Night of the Soul is a stylistic continuation of The Handbook of the Acid Rider. Every track in this album features a special guest musician: Pat Nuño in classical guitars, the jazz vibraphone player Mauricio Gallardo and the electric guitar virtuoso, winner of the Steve Vai Scholarship, Benjamín Lechuga.

This album is inspired in the poem by Saint John of the Cross. In it, he describes the dark and meaningless period of life which individuals go through to achieve a union with god.


Album recorded and mixed by Rodrigo Morel at Estudios Machete (Santiago de Chile)

Mastered by Luke Dennis at Berklee College of Music (Valencia, Spain)

Acoustic guitars: Pat Nuño.

Drums: Andrés Rojas Ferrari.

Vibes: Mauricio Gallardo.

Electric Guitar: Benjamín Lechuga, Rodrigo Morel, Francisco Rafart.

Bass: Rodrigo Morel

Stick: Francisco Rafart.

All tracks composed and arranged by Rafart.

The Handbook of the Acid Rider - 2013 LP

Rafart´s debut Chapman Stick album. 10 tracks of Stick, drums and guitar trio. A mix of progressive rock and electronic music, making the Chapman Stick an integral part of a band. Distributed by Mylodon Records and available for purchase in this website.


Released June 24, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Rodrigo Morel at Estudio Machete, Santiago de Chile, 2013.

Drums recorded by Eduardo Demangel and Dante González at Alba Road Studios, Santiago, Chile.

Mastered by Mike Tholen at Rax Trax Recording, Chicago, IL.

Composition in 1, 5 & 7: Francisco Rafart & Pat Nuño

Drums in 1, 5, 7 & 10: Pablo Martínez.

Guitars in 1, 5 & 7: Fernando Daza

Guitars in 2, 4 & 8: Rodrigo Morel & Francisco Rafart

Stick & composition in all tracks: Francisco Rafart.

Get in the Grid - 2014 EP

Get In the Grid 2015 is an Electronic EP that features the Chapman Stick as the main instrument. It is my first finished electronic production. The EP was recorded and produced in Berklee Valencia, Spain. All tracks feature the Chapman Stick and where created in Ableton Live 9. This EP was the final assignment for the Electronic Production Live Performance Class with professor Ben Cantil aka. Encanti.

*Samples in “Remix of the beast” from Iron Maiden.